What to Include and What to Leave Out of Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of board meetings are a crucial tool for promoting transparency, accountability, and risk reduction. The way your minutes are drafted can decide the effectiveness of your minutes. Incorrect, incongruous, or unclear board meeting minutes can be a liability in the future, if they ever need to be used for legal reasons. It is important to know what information is required and what can be removed.

The date, time and the location: This information will ensure that the minutes provide accurate and accurately reflect the meeting. You’ll also want to note whether it was an ordinary, special, or annual meeting.

Summary of the agenda: Include all the main aspects of any reports that were presented to the board, as well as any alternatives taken into consideration for key decisions. It is important to note the outcomes of the decision-making process, including any votes that were taken.

Attendance: The same person taking the minutes at each meeting, and also a backup in case they’re absent will lead to more transparent, consistent minutes. It is also helpful to use previous minutes as templates so that the new person taking the minutes is familiar with the way it functions.

Stick to the facts – not the https://yourdataroom.com/secure-vdr-software-for-managing-deals-of-all-size/ drama of the moment Make sure you keep critiques, personal disputes or disagreements, as well as political commentary out of your time. Idle chat, jokes, current events recaps, and any other unrelated conversations should be removed from the minutes, too. It’s also important to keep track of any changes made to the minutes.

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