ACOHOF Family Farm School of Bankim

Motto: Relevant Education for Sustainable Rural Development

The ACOHOF Family Farm School (FFS+) is a private, non-profit making boarding secondary school established in 2014 by ACOHOF in partnership with DISOP Cameroon with the overall goal of reducing rural poverty, promoting sustainable community development, and improving the living standards of young people in Nkum Sub Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The ACOHOF Family Farm School (FFS+) is a centre of professional training aimed at training young rural entrepreneurs capable of adapting to the new agricultural realities of the locality. These youths benefits from a complete training, alternating over three years in a system called the pedagogy of Alternance. In parallel with the technical and associative training of trainees and parents, AFFS+ brings a positive effect in local community. This is achieved by applying agricultural techniques in the family farms, increasing incomes, giving value to agricultural profession, stimulating local markets and strengthening associations of farmers.

Origin of the ACOHOF FFS+:

The ACOHOF FFS+ came into being as a determined response to the following problems: The educational system that focuses on formal education and partial to urban dwellers,

Vision of the ACOHOF FFS+:

A community of well professionally trained young boys and girls with a sense of feeling of well-being and commitment to total human and sustainable development

Mission of the ACOHOF FFS+

Work in partnership with the parents, community members, professionals, rural business enterprises; traditional, religious and government institutions, etc. to train rural young boys and girls in Nkum Sub Division and its environs in acquiring efficient professional & vocational skills, excellence, and trust. This will enable them to become permanently socio-professionally integrated, earn decent wages, deal with the uncertainties of life, and become contributing members to the development of their local communities.