Relevant Education for Sustainable
Rural Development

Relevant Education for Sustainable Rural Development

Welcome to ACOHOF
Family Farm School +

The ACOHOF Family Farm School (FFS+) is a private, non-profit alternative boarding secondary school, which aims at preparing young boys and girls to be multitalented, morally upright and self-reliant rural youth capable of exploiting available local resources to create employment with knowledge gained from the formal integral training in Livestock and Crop Production as a business in the localities of Tatum and Bankim in the North West Region and Adamawa West Region of Cameroon respectively.

The Origin Of ACOHOF
Family Farm School +

As part of its humanitarian and development work, Afoni Children of Hope Foundation (ACOHOF) took a special interest in many Cameroonian rural underprivileged children; especially young girls who after completing primary school are either trafficked to cities, where they are forced into child labor, prostitution and early marriages; or willfully migrate to cities into a network of relatives and friends who initially support them against the worst hardships; but eventually, they are exposed to drug abuse, prostitution and marginalization.

Our Mission at ACOHOF
Family Farm School +

Our mission is to work in partnership with the parents, local enterprises, community leaders, government, and international stakeholders to provide quality integral training and accompany underprivileged young boys and girls of the rural communities of Cameroon to acquire professional & vocational skills, excellence, and trust that will enable them to become permanently socio-professionally integrated, earn decent wages, and become contributing members to the sustainable development of their local communities.

Our Vision at ACOHOF
Family Farm School +

Our vision is to be a leading Family Farm School whose graduates either pursue higher education, acquire gainful employment, or create employment; and participate in their community’s development with moral and social responsibility.

Professional Courses

Livestock and Crop Production; Office Automation; Arts and Crafts

Optional Courses

Citizenship; Economic Geography; Moral Instructions

General Courses

English Language; French Language; Mathematics


Accounting; Economics; Commerce; Business Math